Blue Spruce Seedlings

All pricing includes delivery in Canada Sales tax will apply to each province with Wholesale pricing available. 

100% Guarantee that All Shippments are Fresh and Healthy Trees.



Excellent Quality!




12-14” in height Seedlings

5 Pack $33 | 10 Pack $48 |
25 Pack $95 | 50 Pack $175 |




90% Guarantee of your purchased trees for one year! We ask for your honesty with regards to forces beyond our control, such as:

  • -Overheating on a delivery truck on warm days
  • -Lack of Irrigation
  • -Flooding
  • -Failure to plant as soon as the trees arrive
  • -Animal Damage (Deer, Rodents, Insects, ect.)
  • -Over Fetilization resulting in burned Needles

We do not Guarantee 10% of your order due to unavoidable stress from shipping and planting. Consider yourself a professional if 90% survive, since most growers cannot achieve 100% success.

To qualify for free replacements, e-mail us at

You may be asked several questions first or ask that you ship the tress back to us for inspection along with a small plastic bag of your soil. However if you follow our planting and care instructions, included with your order, your trees should have a long healthy life span.



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